//The need for Antivirus/ Internet Security.

The need for Antivirus/ Internet Security.

Lately computers are susceptible to a lot of harmful programs. In order to protect our most precious things be it documents, data/information, pictures from such harmful programs there was designed an Antivirus and Internet security. Major difference between the two is that while Antivirus protects you from viruses that may infect your computer, an Internet security suite protects you from Internet threats that may come from other forms malicious content and action. It has advanced features such as firewall, phishing detection over internet, capability to detect key loggers and good action against Trojans and worms.

Therefore depending on the sensitivity of the data in your computer, you can choose between Internet security suite and Antivirus. For example, if you are involved with lots of financial transactions over the internet or extensively use online banking you should consider internet security suite. Otherwise for personal purposes, an Antivirus would suffice.

With our packages, you can protect your PC, Mac, Android tablet and Android smartphone. You can choose from a license that protects a single device to a multi device of up to 10 devices; and choose a license renewal annually or up to 3years protection.

If you have any questions or require advice on which best suited to use, we will gladly assist and offer solutions that can help prevent your devices from these malicious attacks, at a competitive rate that suits your budget. Click the Contact Us button on our website and we will immediately provide you with a solution that will give you peace of mind.
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